It’s combination of quality & price

Divina means goddess! This was our vision for women, when as a small family-run business, started in 1982 and were evolved! The art of making shoes, was passed down from generation to generation when the founder of the corporation, Gregory Raptopoulos transferred the knowledge of handmade footwear to us, the second generation, Panagiotis and Lina Raptopoulos, who, in our turn with love and respect to the subject, made our own perspective!

So, you may take a look at our new Bridal Shoes 2020 designs, tailored specifically to your fashion trends and needs! Our new collection of handmade shoes will amaze you!

We present you the whole new collection of Bridal Shoes for 2020 on January 11-13, 2020 at the Euro wedding fair in Helexpo Maroussi (Pavilion 135A).

Please ask us about our offers … With your first purchase of any shoe you enter the Divina club and enjoy the benefits of your evening shoes depending on the season

Bring us your own fabric and make your own design ..

Let us suggest you the right design for your feet and measure you, only to make an aesthetically beautiful but above all comfortable shoe ..

Looking for a low budget, handmade, quality, Bridal Shoes? Take a look at our Bridal Shoe offers at our store’s e-shop and try them out with an appointment at 210 2771230